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Budd car

Modern airconditioned fast railcars operated by the Commonwealth Railways in the 1950s to 1980s. Based in Port Augusta the served towns and cities including Port Pirie, Whyalla, Woomera, Cook, Adelaide & of course Port Augusta. They catered largely for long distance local passengers, rather than interstate services operated by CR loco hauled trains. They were built by the Budd Corporation in the USA, hence the name Budd Cars: We caught the Budd car from Port Pirie to Woomera to visit our father who worked at the Rocket Range.

Contributor's comments: Blue bird was also known in Northern South Australia as the Blue bird or bud-car serviced Woomera in my youth 1959-1972. We also had the "tea and sugar train" that travelled the line each fortnight bringing tea, sugar, meat, etc.

Contributor's comments: The old South Coast Daylight Express (Sydney-Bomaderry/Nowra) that ran late 60s into 70s used run these same trains and were referred to by staff and passengers.