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Alternative for Prep, the first year of school: Zachary started school in Bubs this year.

Contributor's comments: 'Bubs' was commonly used in Perth in 50's & 60's.

Contributor's comments: In NSW, it is called "Kindy", for Kindergarten.

Contributor's comments: Bubs was commonly used in WA in the 1940s and 50s to refer to the First Year of Primary schooling.

Contributor's comments: Bubs was also used in WA in my day, including 1st Bubs and 2nd Bubs referring to infant school classes.

Contributor's comments: The term "Bubs" was widely used in Perth when I started school in the forties. It continued in use through the fifties, but my recollection id that it faded from use in the sixties and is not in use now.

Contributor's comments: The word "bubs" was short for "babies". When I went to primary school in Mornington, Victoria (1960-67), "Babies" or "Bubs" was the word used for the prep year kids at the Catholic School. In the State School, the equivalent term was "Preps". Another difference between the State and Catholic schools was the "canteen" at the State School was the "tuck shop" at the Catholic school. I went to both schools.

Contributor's comments: [Gippsland, Vic informant] Common in my youth. I rarely, if ever, hear it now.

Contributor's comments: This expresson, in my experience, dates at least from the early 1950's at Heidelberg, Victoria.

Contributor's comments: The term "bubs" for pre-primary/kindergarten classes was common in Perth WA during the 1930/1940s & may have continued well beyond that period. My experience of the area ceased in 1953 when I moved to Sydney.

Contributor's comments: I started in 'bubs' in 1959. It was also called 'beginners'. 'Prep' is now the accepted title. My 'bubs' year was at Huntingdale State School, suburb of Melbourne.

Contributor's comments: By the 1970s and 80s, 'kindy' had replaced 'bubs' for the year before Grade One primary school in W.A.

Contributor's comments: The term 'bubs' was used all throughout my primary school days from 61 to 67 and referred to preparatory grade. I haven't heard the term being used for several years now.

Contributor's comments: I was in bubs in Ballarat in 1962. And, best of all, my teacher was Miss Bubb.

Contributor's comments: The term bubs goes back a very long way. I started school in the bubs in the early fifties and my teacher had taken all of the previous generation through the same year a generation before.

Contributor's comments: The meaning of Bubs I grew up with is a baby, or quite often the youngest member of the family is called "bubs" from an older sibling.