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Tongue-in-cheek reference to Brisbane: Gee, that's guy's pretty swanky. He must be from Briz-Vegas. (Said by a southerner about a flanno-wearing bevan). Compare Rockvegas. Also, Briz-Vegas, the Vegas.

Contributor's comments: Briz-Vegas is also used affectionately by Brisbane residents to describe their city ... especially when headed home again from elsewhere. "Heading back to the Vegas for a visit".

Contributor's comments: I picked this one up as soon as I moved to Brisbane.

Contributor's comments: I love this one, it's so ironic and glam. Far better than that horrible Love Ya Brisbane campaign in the 70s-80s. I reckon this started to become more widespread (among my friends it's common practice as well as the shorter version "The Vegas") in 1994 when Time Off Records released a (fantastic) compilation of Elvis covers by Brisbane bands called "Viva Brisbane - A Tribute to the King"

Contributor's comments: I live in Brisbane for most of my life but have not heard of this.

Contributor's comments: Yep - my friends from Brisbane use this term all the time to refer to the CBD and the more expensive suburbs.

Contributor's comments: Derives from and refers speciffically to the Brisbane music scene. I understand Dave McCormack was an early public source.

Contributor's comments: I have only heard this around the Gay Clubs in Brisbane, it is such a camp word that can only be used to it's true effect by Bernard King.

Contributor's comments: Lived in Brisbane for years - it began to be called Bris-Vegas due to the opening of the treasury casino - a momentous even becuase for years all gambling including poker machines were banned in QLD.

Contributor's comments: I first became aware of the term in the mid-90s. Numerous University colleagues are working for a period of time travelled to work in the UK. Coming back to visit Brisbane was referred to a returning to Bris-Vegas or simply Vegas. Those that have settled in Sydney or elsewhere commonly use either term also when referring to Brisbane. The use in my experience now seems to extend to those actually residing in Brisbane. In my view it is a term of affection but more importantly a reflection of the fact that Brisbanites are no longer hung up about being some large town and not a city.

Contributor's comments: I moved to Brisbane in 1996 and had not heard it before. I first heard this term last year when talking to a colleague as I had to go to Brisbane for training and he referred to it as Bris-Vegas. Since then I have heard it more frequently but in the regions it takes on a different meaning in that it is referring to go to the big city and its not as affectionate as it appears for those in Brisbane.

Contributor's comments: I'm a born and bred Bris-Wegan, I agree the term first appeared in the early 90's, maybe because of the Treasury Casino. It is definitely a self-deprecating term used affectionately by Brisbanites in acknowledgement of it's slow paced, unglamorous lifestyle.

Contributor's comments: Bris-vegas was actually a term stolen from Rockhampton, where external students at CQU referred to the place as Rock-Vegas, the fabled fabulous city that Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty aspired to visit. This self depreciation by the Rockhampton people saw a promotion of Welcome to Rock Vegas before the casino in Brisbane was a forecast on the government balance sheet. It comes from the Flintstones.

Contributor's comments: Brisbane: "We're planning a holiday in Bris Vegas"

Contributor's comments: I first heard the term in the early 90's - shortly after JJJ started its Brisbane transmitter. Some of aunty's youth experts can probably confirm, but I think it started as a reference to the explosion of cool live music coming out of Brisbane in the early 90's. As a brissie expat, it is now in pretty common use in Sydney.

Contributor's comments: I live in Brisbane, but this is actually something I hear used more by those from other cities or states. I've observed that locally, no-one seems to know where it originated or why it's used, and it seems to generate a bit of an eye roll response.

Familiar fond word for Rockhampton. As in opposite to Las Vegas: I am spending the weekend in Rockvegas. Compare Bris-Vegas.