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Bogan gate

A temporary gate made from fencing-wire and timber droppers: To get out of this paddock you have to go through that Bogan gate.

Contributor's comments: This is the name of a small town just west of Parkes. Site of the 7th Central Ammunition dump. Has the war memorial cenotaph in the middle of the road.

Contributor's comments: I have heard of these makeshift gates referred to as COD gates (the COD meaning carry or drag, the methods used to open or close them.)

Contributor's comments: A gate of this nature was referred to as a 'cocky's gate' or 'wire gate' when I was growing up in the region. I only heard the term 'bogan gate' after moving to NSW.

Contributor's comments: Also called a cocky's gate (a cocky is a farmer) or a struggle gate (because you struggle to open or close it).

Contributor's comments: This type of gate has always been referred to as a 'cocky's gate' in my part of the world... (Southern Riverina).