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Ashgrovians are a form of footwear, women's high-heeled boots reaching to just under the knee. Quite fashionable in recent seasons. Named after the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove: Did you see her Ashgrovians? I've got the same ones only mine are black.

Contributor's comments: Ashgrovians refers to the residents of the suburb of Ashgrove, nothing else.

Contributor's comments: Never heard of it as a shoe/boot - only as a domestic architectural style, specific to the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove - a multi-gabled house with wide front verandah (portico) and often a feature like a circular window.

Contributor's comments: Someone who lives in Ashgrove. The boots part, they are like knee high boots.

Contributor's comments: I've never heard of "Ashgrovians". Back in the (seventies?) we began referring to these knee-high boots as Ashgroves because, like the suburb they were named for, they were halfway to The Gap (another Brisbane suburb on the same line). Get it?

Contributor's comments: I have also called the term "Ashgrove boots". Such a name comes from the fact that Ashgrove is on the way to The Gap (another suburb of Brisbane).

Contributor's comments: Living in the adjacent suburb to Ashgrove, I have to say that I've only heard it used to describe the architectural style of a house. Particularly popular with Real Estate agents (is it an Ashgrovian? add 20 thou to the price).

Contributor's comments: Refers to students of the Marist College in Ashgrove Qld.