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Albany doctor

A cooling afternoon sea breeze which arrives in Kalgoorlie. Compare Esperance doctor, Fremantle doctor.
Esperance doctor

strong, cool, southerly wind which blows through Kalgoorlie late in the evening on hot summer nights: Strewth it's hot. Can't wait for the Esperance doctor to turn up! Compare Albany doctor, Fremantle doctor.

Contributor's comments: The evening wind that comes to the Goldfields in summer. We used to hear it coming through the bush at Norseman and say, "Here comes the Esperance Doctor". Sometimes just "the doctor".
Fremantle doctor

A cooling afternoon sea breeze which arrives in the city (Perth WA) about 30 minutes after it builds in the Port city of Fremantle: Ah, the Freo Doctor is in - the temperature will drop now. Compare Albany doctor, Esperance doctor. Also, Freo Doctor.

Contributor's comments: If you actually call the sea breeze that blows in Perth in the summer the "Freo Doctor", it's a sure sign that you are from 'over east'.

Contributor's comments: I grew up in Nedland WA and we always referred to the doctor arriving to make it better, meaning cool things down.