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A cheap and disgusting dish sold at the North Adelaide Burger Bar and its rival on O'Connell St, North Adelaide, the Blue and White Fish Cafe. An AB (short for a contentious medical procedure) is a serve of chips with tomato sauce, vinegar, salt, chilli sauce and any other topping desired. It may have originated with the drunken appetites of students from nearby St Mark's College, an Anglican residential college for tertiary students. A properly garnished AB makes a pie floater look like a fluffy dessert: Just give us an AB, mate. Yeah the lot thanks. Am I ever p----d!

Contributor's comments: The Blue and White AB's consist of chips, yiros meat, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce and garlic sauce. They are usually eaten while drunk. St Mark's college eats at the Burger Bar, while Lincoln college eats at the Blue and White. Both the Blue & White and the Burger Bar claim to have invented the AB. The AB takes it's name from after-birth, which it resembles.

Contributor's comments: I've encountered "ABT" in my wife's family in Sydney. They claim it is a medical term from the 1960s where a doctor trying to get rid of a patient in need of a Bex and a good lie down would give them a script with the letters ABT. Apparently stands for "Any Bloody Thing".