Word for Word #28 Talkin’ tech-savvy terminology

Nov 21, 2019
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We've discussed words around technology before in our podcast. Way back in episode seven, we discussed emoji, hashtags and internet slang. And in episode 17, we looked at technology words of the past and the oft-debated hyphen.

In this new episode we further explore the language of technology. How did we speak about the burgeoning computer age 30 years ago, and how do we speak about technology now? The comparison is sometimes astounding and nothing you could ever predict. The team investigates the words that we have used to talk about technology – those that have stayed with us, those that have evolved, and those that have faded over time.

Join us as we explore our language: the ways we use it, the ways we abuse it, and the ways we ultimately change it.

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Words and definitions 

Macquarie Dictionary defintitions from this episode:


virus / viral

bugmillennium bug

floppy disk








password fatigue

phantom vibration syndrome


filter bubble

algorithmic bias


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