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/ˈvækjum/ (say 'vakyoohm)

noun (plural vacuums or vacua

/ˈvækjuə/ (say 'vakyoohuh))
1.  a space entirely void of matter (perfect vacuum or complete vacuum).

2.  an enclosed space from which air (or other gas) has been removed, as by an air pump (partial vacuum).

3.  the state or degree of exhaustion in such an enclosed space.

4.  empty space.

5. vacuum cleaner.

adjective 6.  relating to, employing, or producing a vacuum.

7.  (of a hollow container) partly exhausted of gas.

8.  relating to apparatuses or processes which utilise gas pressures below atmospheric pressure.

verb (t) 9.  to clean with a vacuum cleaner or treat with any vacuum device.

[Latin, properly neuter of vacuus empty]