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/ɒv/ (say ov), weak form
/əv/ (say uhv)

preposition a particle indicating: 1.  distance or direction from, separation, deprivation, riddance, etc.: within a metre of; to cure of.

2.  derivation, origin, or source: of good family; the plays of Shakespeare.

3.  cause, occasion, or reason: to die of hunger.

4.  material, substance, or contents: a packet of sugar; a suit of mohair.

5.  a relation of identity: the city of Sydney.

6.  connection or association: the queen of England.

7.  belonging or possession, connection, or association: the queen of England; the property of all.

8.  inclusion in a number, class, or whole: one of us.

9.  objective relation: the ringing of bells.

10.  reference or respect: talk of peace; what of Marie-Louise?

11.  subject or theme: the history of English.

12.  qualities or attributes: a man of tact.

13.  time: of an evening.

14. US to or before (a designated hour of the clock): twenty minutes of five is 4.40.

15.  the attribution of a quality to: it was good of you to come.

16.  the attribution of a quality with respect to: fleet of foot.

17. Chiefly Archaic or Poetic the agent given after a passive verb, that is, by whom something is done: beloved of all; cursed of God; admired of his fellows.

[Middle English and Old English, unstressed form of Old English æf away (from), distantly related to Latin ab, Greek apo. See off]