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/ˈbækʌp/ (say 'bakup)

noun 1.  support given subsequently; corroboration: backup to the doctors' warnings.

2.  a pent-up accumulation, especially of a liquid: the backup of flood water.

3.  a reserve supply or resource; a second means of support.

4. Computers
a.  the process of copying data to a tape, CD-ROM, etc., so that a version is available if the original data is lost, corrupted, etc.: to do the daily backup.
b.  the data so copied: to retrieve files from the backup.

5. Printing the presswork on the reverse side of a printed sheet.

adjective 6.  of or relating to support given subsequently or that which so supports: a backup campaign.

7. Computers of or relating to the process of backing up: a backup tape.

Also, back-up.