What is a peachcot?

Jan 14, 2013

A entry from Word of the Year 2012

Fruitgrowers have been getting fancy and blending their stonefruit. The apricot seems quite popular as a base and so we have (in California) the pluot which Australians sensibly are calling the plumcot. Again this is a superfruit – it is de rigueur these days to have your fruits packed with vitamins and minerals. There is even a three-way blend – the peacotum.  When you unpack that you will find the peach, apricot and plum. The nectaplum is pretty obvious. But it is the peachcot that seems to have found favour (flavour!) in Australia.

peachcotnoun a stone fruit with a smooth skin of an apricot colour with red tinges, larger than an apricot but smaller than a peach, with a blend of peach and apricot flavours.[peach + (apri)cot]

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