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Aussie Christmas slang words and sayings

Dec 06, 2017

This Christmas, all of us here at the Macquarie Dictionary have kept our eyes and ears peeled for classic Aussie Christmas words and sayings.

They range from slang used in the Northern Territory (rellies run) to sayings for Sydney-siders (check out the sixth image).

See below for all of our favourites!










Christmas Hold_The Grasping of another's testicles, in other words, a handful of nuts

Stocking Stuffer_an inexpensive gift designed to fill out a Christmas stocking without incurring unreasonable expense

Done up like a Christmas tree_gaudily overdressed

Think you're Christmas_to have a very high opinion of yourself

Rellies Run_A journey taken to visit one's relatives as part of Christmas and New Year celebrations, often covering thousands of kilometres.

Not know if it's Pitt Street or Christmas_to be stupid

 What else did you get for Christmas? A derisive retort to someone showing off.

Chrissie_Christmas. At least since the 1960s. Hence, Chrissie prezzie, a Christmas present.

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