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Aussie collective nouns - winners!

Dec 06, 2017

We asked for Aussie collective nouns and you delivered! Now it's time to announce our favourite ten. Congratulations to everyone who won and thank to for entering. It was a lot of fun to see what we could all come up with.

Our top 3 winners recieve a copy of the Macquarie Dictionary Seventh Edition, valued at $120.00!

Macquarie Dictionary Seventh Edition


10. A stone of crows, submitted by @wrenju

stone of crows

9. A waddle of wombats, submitted by @denisebean03

waddle of wombats

8. A sting of bluebottles, submitted by @sallyddavies

 a sting of bluebottles

7. A splash of rainbow lorikeets, submitted by @leoj_tweets

splash of rainbow lorikeets

6. A cacophony of cockatoos, submitted by Danielle

cacophony of cockatoos

5. A bag of crocodiles, submitted by Geoff

bag of crocodiles

4. An eclipse of moon jellyfish, submitted by @giadmnq

eclipse of moon jellyfish

3. A quiver of echidnas, submitted by @fogartya. Congratulations, you are one of our winners!

quiver of echidnas

2. A raffle of chooks, submitted by Stephen. Congratulations, you are one of our winners!

raffle of chooks

1. A Fanning of sharks, submitted by @giadmnq in honour of @mfanno. Congratulations, you are one of our winners!

Fanning of sharks

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