OzPic: Picturing the Australian Environment

Aug 01, 2015

OzPic is a joint project between ABC Local Radio and Macquarie Dictionary which aims to uncover new words relating to the Australian environment and to collect photographs that illustrate the environment around you. We want to see how billabongs vary across the country, how the sandstone cliffs of the Blue Mountains differ from the granite rocks of the Tasmanian Tiers, and uncover other hidden gems along the way. 

To read more, download the PDF.

Submit a photo

You can help us create a picture of Australia by uploading a photo that depicts an aspect of the environment around you. We'll also pick our favourites to share on Instagram and some will make it into the Macquarie Dictionary Online.

Need some ideas on what to start snapping? Download the word list or just browse our entries for inspiration.

We are also looking for any new words or meanings relating to the Australian environment that are used in your locality but are not yet in the Macquarie Dictionary. Or perhaps the word is in the dictionary, but it's used differently in your neck of the woods. You can send us any new words or meanings via the Suggest a word page.

Please note photo submissions are now closed.

ABC radio program and weekly podcast

ABC Local Radio

Our media partner, ABC Local Radio featured a weekly program hosted by Macquarie Dictionary Editor, Susan Butler. Each week she focused on a particular feature of the environment, talking about the origin of the words associated with that environment, and changes in their meanings.

Listen to the OzPic podcast. 


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