whingers, wowsers and dobbers

Jun 21, 2010

Often the words that have the greatest significance for us are negative  we all dislike people who are whingers, wowsers and dobbers. Is this because the strongest lessons we learn in childhood are what we are NOT supposed to do?

Sometimes words that we think are important to us are overtaken by language change. For example the Australian bloke is supplanted by the American guy.

But is 'a good bloke' the same as 'a great guy'? A good bloke has qualities like generosity, reliability, courage in a tight corner, faithfulness. The great guy will be much better value at a party but would you want to take him home?

Which do you prefer?

*What's a wowser? a prudish teetotaller; a killjoy

(Image courtesy of Flickr: Markus Spiske)

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