A brick short of a load

Nov 04, 2010

ABC listeners to Robbie Buck contributed these expressions at the request of Susan Butler, the Editor, who asked for phrases along the lines of 'a brick short of a load' to describe someone who is a bit dimwitted:

a wheatbag short of a silo

a kangaroo short of a paddock

only 17/6 in the pound

a lamington short of a dozen

a head short of a brain

a slice short of a loaf

a banker short of a basis point

a few bars short of a signal (mobile phone)

a few chips short of a happy meal

a power tool short  of a shed

a stubbie short of a six-pack

a sandwich short of a picnic


 Other related phrases include:

only one hinge to his gate

only one oar in the water

the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead

as useful as a chocolate teapot

as sharp as a bowling ball

the cheese has slid off his cracker


 Can you add to these lists?

10/11/2010- Last night, listeners to Robbie Buck called in with some more suggestions:

slower than yesterday's bread

one towel short of a linen press

as busy as a cat digging a hole in a marble floor

so hot that it would raise blisters on a wooden leg

talk a glass eye to sleep

(Image courtesy of Pixabay)

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