Plum Pudding

Dec 07, 2012

Where are the plums in the plum pudding?

In the early 1700s in Britain things were grim. The dried plums used in the pudding were too expensive so they had to make do with dried grapes instead. But of course the name didn't change from plum pudding to raisin pudding since there was no need to bring the substitution to anyone's attention. We don't think of prunes as being an expensive dried fruit so most recipes today have added the plums back in because they make the pudding more moist.

Plum pudding is also known as Christmas pudding.

Christmas pudding

noun a rich steamed or boiled pudding containing raisins, currants, lemon rind, spices, etc., traditionally eaten at Christmas; plum pudding.

Have you made pudding before? What types of fruit do you put in yours?

This article was originally posted on our Facebook page. (Image courtsey of Wikipedia: Musical Linguist)

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