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  • What's the correct usage and difference between 'while' and 'whilst'?

    Jul 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

    When used as a conjunction whilst and while are completely interchangeable. While can also function as a noun where whilst cannot. In American English whilst is regarded as quaint or old-fashioned and rarely used. In British English both are used frequently with speakers often making use of both forms. In Australian English while is more common than whilstRead more...

  • The Scrabble dictionary

    Jul 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

    Somewhere in my childhood reading I learnt what you had to do if you were caught in the snow. You piled up a dome of snow with a hollow centre, crawled inside it and sealed up the dome. Then your own breath and body heat and the insulation of the snow kept you warm. Read more...

  • Dusty words from the attic

    Jul 09, 2015 | 5 Comments

    Obscure words have a fascination for us. It is like taking a trip to the verbal attic and finding all sorts of curious, usually dust-covered oddities that speak to us of another time and place. Read more...